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Is Forex Stocks Trading Possible?


Is Forex Stocks Trading Possible?

Forex is a highly profitable investment tool. This tool provides virtual investment in real investment elements in the market. At the beginning of these, there are elements such as gold, silver, oil, natural gas, foreign exchange, copper, which are known by everyone. The difference of this market from the real market is that you can buy as much as you want over the internet.

Another feature of this market is that there is a reverse trade, that is, the possibility of short selling. In this way, it is possible to make transactions not only in the buying direction but also in the selling direction. Estimating that the values ​​found here will not only increase but also decrease will be instrumental in making a profit.

In this market, it is possible to use a leverage between 50 times and 1000 times, depending on the nature of the brokerage firm with which an agreement is reached. If this leverage situation is used properly, the earnings increase in the leverage ratio. In the real market, 10 TL will be earned, and in the forex market, it varies between 500 TL and 10 thousand TL depending on the situation of leverage.
So, Can Stock Transactions Be Made in This Market?

It is possible to trade certain stocks in the market. This process does not apply to all stocks. Major stocks, which are attracting attention and are well-known around the world, can be traded in this market by applying leverage. According to the brokerage houses, there is an increase or decrease in the number of these stocks. This depends on the preferred brokerage firm.

There are not many forex transactions applied to the stocks used in Turkey. It is possible to invest in the stocks in this market with another market, known as VIOP, which is also based on the leverage system. Institutions that carry out this process are inspected by the CMB. For this reason, the transaction is opened very reliably and there is no problem. Since they are working under license, they do not have the option to make mistakes.

Unlicensed Forex Companies

Due to the limits used in Turkey, some institutions establish overseas-based platforms. Some of these companies are reliable, while others are fraudulent. When entering the market, all kinds of institutions should be well researched and traded in this way.

Differences Between EFT and Wire Transfer
There are two ways to transfer money between accounts via the bank. These two methods are wire transfer and EFT. These two methods are done via internet banking, cash machine or bank.
What is EFT?
EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) is used to transfer money between different banks. During this transfer, the transaction goes through the system called EFT, which is used by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. The money approved here is transferred to the account of the other bank after approval. EFT transaction is done during working days and working hours and takes a little longer as the transaction requires confirmation. Transactions made via internet banking or ATM after working hours are concluded within working hours of the next day. In addition, a certain amount of fee must be paid for the EFT transaction to take place. To make EFT transaction, to the bank
• Recipient Name-Surname, Title
• Recipient Bank Name
• Recipient Branch Name
• Recipient Account Number / IBAN
• Transaction Amount / Currency
• Description information must be entered.

What is a Remittance?

Wire transfer is the name of the money transfer transaction between two different branches of the same bank. The main point in the transfer is that the money does not come out of the bank account. Money simply moves between accounts in the same bank. Transfers can be made at any hour approved by the bank. The realization of the transfer starts when the order reaches the bank. If there is enough money in the account, the transfer usually takes place at the time of the order. During this process, transfer fees are not allocated from most banks. However, some banks require a fee to be paid at the time of transfer. It is sufficient to enter the name and surname of the recipient together with the IBAN number or account number for the transfer transaction.
What are the Differences Between Remittance and EFT?
The main difference between the two transactions mentioned above is the bank. While the transfer is made on the same bank, EFT is on a different bank. Working hours must be expected in EFT, but transfers can take place at any time of the day. While each bank allocates fees for EFT transactions, the allocation of fees for remittance depends on bank policies. Even if it is done during working hours, the EFT transaction takes longer than the transfer, because the EFT transaction cannot be carried out without the approval of the bank.

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